Key Features

– POE++ compatible
– Gigabit Ethernet
– Shielded enclosure and connectors
-5 KA discharge capability
Network Gigabit Ethernet (Cat.5E)
Nominal line voltage Un 48 Vdc
Max. DC operating voltage Uc 60 Vdc
Max. frequency f max. 125 MHz
Max. data rate 10/100/1000 Mbps
Insertion loss < 1 dB
Max. load current IL 5000 mA
Minimum insulation Resistance 1 GΩ (at 50V)
Nominal impulse discharge current @ 8/20µs Test ±5 time In L/L 5KA
Maximum impulse discharge current @ 8/20µs Test 1 time In L/PE 10KA
Technology GDT + Clamping diode
SPD configuration 8 wires + shielded
Connection to Network RJ45 shielded connectors Female input/output
Format Plastic box with connectors input/output
Mounting Mounting, Screw, Nut + Cable shoe
Housing material ABS
Operating temperature Tu -40/+85°C
Protection rating IP66
Failsafe mode Short-circuit – Transmission cut off
Disconnection indicator Transmission interrupt - default mode 2
Pinout (1-2)(3-6)(4-5)(7-8)
Dimensions See diagram
Weight 0.13 kg