For installation at LPZ 1-2 (Lightening protection Zone), protecting low voltage equipment from surge damage. Applied in modular SPD Class (Class C).

Key Advantages

– Total Protection of Digital equipment’s from Grid disturbances.
– Total Protection of Digital Equipment’s from Lightning & Switching Surges.
– Provides Lowest Impedance Grounding.
– Static Charge Eliminator.
– EProvides Low impedance path to Leakage Current.
– Reduces 2% harmonics.
– Provides Equi-Potential common Grounding.
– Maintain Earth to Neutral voltage less than 01Volt.
– Enhance Battery Life.

Environments for Lightning & Surge Protection is changed as below some adopt difficult Concept of Protection

  • Today most of electronic, communication, data systems or connected under network.
  • IC Chips become high integrated level with very thin. internal Circuit which is very weak from Surge intrusion.
  • Global Warming occurs more frequent lightning, multi-stage lightning (not simple single lightning) which normal surge protective device could not care.
  • Nearby Direct Lightning affects your systems under GPR effect (Ground Potential Rise) which is shown very frequently at out-door or isolate buildings or isolate facilities.
RASNAL VKP will provide ideal protection with integrated Surge & Spike Protection For the Digital Electronics. In the Protection Zone, Common low impedance Grounding , equi-Potential Function, Surge & Static elimination Via Energy conversion function and does not require separate grounding & creates a Lowest Low impedance path for leakage, Surge / Spike to convert into very low heat.

Prefect Protection Solutions for following environment

  • Integrated lightning surge protection for Data Communication Systems, EPABX & Intercom, Network, Automated.
  • Such areas which have low grounding resistance are unable to get proper grounding resistance Like rocky, mountain area.
  • Mobile tactical vehicles for good Earthing.
  • Frequently surge damaged sites.
  • Under bad weather & frequent—lightning environment, system facilities should be operated 24x7.
This solution has been installed at numerous problematic areas, and has solved all the lightning surge problems for military communications. CCTV surveillance systems, support under bad weather conditions.

This is specially designed for perfect lightning protection under above environment:

  • |deal perfect lightning protection with integrated surge protection for systems in the protection zone, Common grounding, equip-potential function , surge elimination via energy conversion function, No secondary Grounding rod required for low earthing resistance, targeting perfect lightning surge protection for advanced networked systems.

Installation Instructions for VKP-01


Technical Features: -

  • Works on Energy Conversion principle it is known as Digital Grounding Apparatus.
  • Detect Surges Convert them into the heat energy and dissipate through low impedance Ground. These Surges enters via electrical & communication lines through conductive structure (Like communication cable, IF cables, RF cables, Water pipe, Gas pipeline, steel structure etc.).
  • Provide Equi-Potential bonding to all the equipment and improve the earth resistance.
  • Provides low impedance Ground to eliminate static charges & leakage current.
  • Integrated protection system to protect equipment depending upon the electrical wiring layout.


Sr No. Essential QRs Acceptable range
1 Rated input voltage 100VAC--275VAC-1 Phase
2 Frequency 50 - 60 Hz
3 Maximum Continuous operating voltage (Uc) 275 Volts (L-N), 255 Volts (N-G)
4 Maximum Surge Handling capacity 120 kA (8/20 micro seconds)
5 Mode of protection 3Modes (1 Phase, 3 wire) L-N,L-E & E-N
6 Maximum surge current (8/20µS) 40 Ka each mode
7 Nominal discharge current (8/20µS) 10 kA each mode
8 Short circuit withstand current 10 kA
9 Residual current 0.001 amps
10 Residual voltage 1.59 kV (L-N) & 1.06 (N-G) with 8/20 micro sec.
11 Spark over voltage (8/20µS) 1.5kV
12 Standby power consumption 3.87 W/hrs.
13 Impulse Response Time <25 Nano Second
14 Max. Leakage Current at 75% V₁mA , IL(µᴀ) 20µᴀ
15 Status indication LED indications
16 Reference Capacitance @1KhHz 1700 pF
17 Surge Conter 6 Digit, 7 Segment LCD counter
18 Communication Port RJ45 or 8 Pin Connector
19 Operating temperature (-40 degree(s)C ~ +90 degree(s)C)
20 Weight 3.7 Kgs
21 Dimensions (WxHxD/mm) 185mm x 297mm x 90mm
22 Enclosure Pre-wired metal enclosure
23 Certification CE, ISO 9001 & ISO 14001
24 "Standards & testing: (All testes in Indian Govt. IEC/ NABL Accredited Laboratory)" IEC 61643-11: 2011
IEC 62301: 2011
IEC 61000-6-1:2016 (Protocol Fallowed as per
IEC 61000-4-2: 2008, IEC 61000-4-4:2012,
IEC 61000-4-5:2014+A1:2017,
IEC 61000-4-11:2020)
25 Testing and approvals (Indian Military Standard) MIL- STD: JSS 55555 - 2012 (Vibration, Shock, dry heat, dry cold, low temperature, High temperature, Sand & Dust)

Types of Lighting Surge Damages which clients want to solve with Rasnal VKP

1. Equipment damage: component degradation

A. Accumulated shock of repeated surges cause a system to shut down
B. Cards frequently changed (damaged)
C. Faulty channel
D. Loss of circuit insulation
E. Shortening of component life span
F. Burn-out:system down / system failure

2. Electronic Equipment

A. PCB damage
B. Data transmission error
C. Memory damage-Random system halt
D. Hard Disc damage
E. SCR (Thyristor ) faulty
F. Process faulty
G. Program error (88.3% of unknown damages of electronic equipment are from surges)

3. Communication Line / Signal Line

A. Input/Output unit damage
B. Arc occurs at signal track
C. Unknown communication error, signal error

4. Operation Error

A. Frequent ELCB/RCCB nuisance trip
B. System operation error
C. Unexpected output, reset, mode changes

5. Power Supply Unit Damage

A. Semiconductor component (SMPS) s easily damaged.
B. Surge passthrough linear power supply unit, damage inner components.
C. DC power system trip (rectifier trip)
D. Power trip, power supply unit faulty


Grounding Grounding Type Purpose of Ground VKP Digital Ground Protection
Surge Ground TVSS Ground Lightning Protection Very Good Equipment Protection
SPD, ARRESTER Lightning Protection Very Good Equipment Protection
Lightning Ground Electronic Equipment Lightning Protection Very Good Equipment Protection
Equipment Protection Ground Lightning Protection Lightning Protection Very Good Equipment Protection
Signal Ground Functional Ground Lightning Protection Good Equipment Protection
Lightning, Surge protection Lightning Protection Very Good Equipment Protection
PLC Ground Functional Ground Lightning Protection Very Good Equipment Protection
Lightning, Surge Protection Lightning Protection Very Good Equipment Protection
Communication Ground Steel Tower Ground Lightning Protection Very Good Equipment Protection
Equipment Ground Lightning Protection Very Good Equipment Protection
Antenna ground Lightning Protection Very Good Equipment Protection
Main DB Ground Lightning Protection Very Good Equipment Protection
Security System Ground Lightning Protection Very Good Equipment Protection
Lightning Arrestor Ground Lightning Arrestor Ground Lightning Attraction NOT Personal, Equipment
Power system Ground Class 1 Ground Power Safety NOT Personal, Equipment
Class 2 Ground Safety, Function NOT Reference Potential
Class 3 Ground Power Safety NOT Personal, Equipment
L.A. (Lightning Arrester) Power Safety NOT Facility
S.A. (Surge Arrester) Power Safety NOT Facility

FAQ. What is RASNAL - VKP?

Q1: Is'RASNAL - VKP' a grounding device or a lightning protection device?

‘RASNAL – VKP’ is both a grounding & lightning protection device, which enable creation of an optimistic grounding system (common grounding), and eliminate lightning surge currents at the same time. ‘RASNAL – VKP’ is a lightning protection device to eliminate abnormal voltage & induced currents from lightning.

Q2: How does 'RASNAL - VKP' work?

By converting electrical characteristics of lightning surges to other energy forms such as heat & arc energy, neutralizes electrical characteristics, and forms an equi-potential environment to protect all the systems in the same space..

Q3: Who are the major clients of 'RASNAL - VKP'?

RASNAL – VKP has been installed for the Navy, Army, Air Force, National Institutions, Water Service Management Agency, Hydro-Nuclear Power Corporation, Gas Corporation, as well as at Railways, Subways, Road Construction Sites, Broadcasting Stations, Mobile Communication Service Providers, Mobile Shelters, etc. Protecting electronic communication facilities from lightning

Q4: What is the maximum surge current discharge capacity ‘RASNAL - VKP’ can withstand?

For VKP01: 120kA / For VKP03: 240kA

Q5: What type of equipment does 'RASNAL - VKP' protect?

RASNAL – VKP protects Wire/Wireless Communication Equipment, Radars, Communication Vehicles, Measuring Control Equipment, Broadcast Facilities, CCTV Camera and Security Systems, Electronic Perimeter Systems, Anti-aircraft guns, Missiles, etc. with devices for protecting all electronic communication facilities from lightning and surges.

Q6: Can 'RASNAL - VKP' be used where there is no grounding?

Yes. ‘RASNAL – VKP’ can protect electronic/communication systems from lightning without a grounding system. We have plenty of proven experience for unmanned TV relay stations, unmanned forest fire monitoring systems, hydro-power dam surveillance system, fire-fighting agency wireless communication systems in deep mountainous areas, and plenty of others.

Q7: How to check if 'RASNAL - VKP' is running under normal operational status?

There are indication lamps on the front panel.

Q8: What is the electricity consumption of 'RASNAL - VKP'?

Around 100 kWh per year at normal status, diagnosis system requires small consumption to be ready for response of surge detection, and ‘RASNAL – VKP’ will use surge electricity to protect system for 0.3 second when the surge invades. ‘RASNAL – VKP’ electric consumption is very minimal.