Lightning Protection Solution

Rasnal is one of the leading providers of earthing and lightning protection solutions to industries and ommerce across India. All the earthing and lightning protection solutions from Rasnal are designed to meet your unique needs, reduce the levels of risk, and are utterly reliable for the protection of life, property, and electronic systems from various types of dangers such as lightning and faults in the earth–currents.All our products are designed by a team of experienced technical engineers focussing on the earthing and lightning protection issues concerns and keeping in mind the relevant standards for enhanced safety of yours and all your valuable assets. Rasnal, through its intelligent design philosophy, managed to reduce the costs of installations and lead the number one position with its quality at affordable approach in India.

Our Solutions

Designed to provide you ultimate safety and protection

Integrated Surge Protection
For Various Electronic Systems.
Eliminate Induced Surges From Gas
Pipes, Conductive Structures, Etc.
Eliminate Secondary Surges Discharged
From SPD Via Energy Conversion.
Multi-Lightning Response System.
Common Grounding & Equi-Potential System.
Grounding Device Without Burying Ground.
Mobile Vehicle System Surge Protection.

Our Lightning Protection Solutions Products

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Changes Of Lightning Protection Environment

  • In a second 3-4 strikes at the same lighting strike path the multipulse lighting becomes 70 to 80% of recent lighting.
  • For advanced digital & network systems, more IC chips(semi- conductors) are applied. In electronic equipment the 88.3% of unknown failures caused by surge.
  • IT Equipment, digital, network electronic, communication. Reference potential (neutral), TN grounding becomes important.
  • Due to indirect lightning the most damage occurs in electronic equipment.
  • The function of the advanced IC chip is affected due to NG potential difference, Data input error at data centre, CNC Lathe signal error.

This Is Specially Designed For Perfect Lightning Protection Under Above Environment

Ideal perfect lightning protection with integrated surge protection for systems in the protecon zone, Common grounding, equip-potential function, surge elimination via energy conversion function, NO Secondary Grounding rod required for low earthing resistance, targeng perfect lightning surge protection for advanced networked systems.


  • Model Name : VKP-01-AC
  • Rated Voltage : 110V-220V (50-60Hz)
  • Capacity (Max) : 80kA
  • Dimension(WxHxD): 194mmx145mmx100mm
  • Weight:1.5KG

Perfect Protection Solution For Following Environment

  • Integrated lightning surge protection for Data Communication Systems, Network, Automated.
  • Such areas which have low grounding resistance are unable to get proper grounding resistance like rocky, mountain areas.
  • Mobile tactical vehicles for good Earthing.
  • Frequently surge damaged sites.
  • Under bad weather & frequent- lightning environments , system facilities should be operated 24x7. This solution has been installed at numerous problematic areas, and has solved all the lightning surge problems for military communications.CCTV surveillance systems, supported under bad weather conditions.

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